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Football is a beloved and mirror part of society. Tacchettee is a label that celebrates the thousand nuances between pop culture, art and what for many is considered the most beautiful game in the world.

It was born one evening four years ago by two friends: Lorenzo, in a t-shirt kiosk in Lisbon, Marco at home in Tuscany on a rainy day busy drawing. So here are the first three illustrations for fun: with Colleena, Beesonte and the Introvabilee, Tacchettee is born, an improbable slang and legitimate doubts about its pronunciation.

Today, inside the Tacchettee wardrobe the garments continue to be contaminated by this that we love most: football, cinema and art, music and beers with friends, concerts and major events, travel, pop culture in general. Part of those little things that contribute to making existence a little less frivolous. We do what we love.


There's nothing more disappointing than a shrunken t-shirt on the first wash, right? We have all been disappointed at least once. We threw it away promising not to buy back that brand. A consolation "so much for what I paid for it .." from the mouth of truth: coming to terms with quality is a compromise.

These personal shopping experiences immediately influenced us in trying to create something that with reversed roles he could enter our heads resounding with wonder like one of those fantastic choirs at the stadium.

Designing clothing that simply did not exist before both for design and for the level of materials and workmanship. And then there is no limit to the quality of the products, even at the cost of higher prices. Don't worry, Tacchettee garments are worth every penny of what you were willing to pay for them. Without any compromise.


Quality of the materials used, creativity and innovation, attention to detail, imagination, ability to last over time. The expression Made in Italy is used to indicate these qualities.

Our t-shirts are made using an extraordinary certified organic cotton GOTS and carefully embroidered by Andrea. The pizza-boxes prepared by Pierluigi that Beatrice uses to ship orders are recycled and recyclable. The sweatshirts have fine details, are made of combed cotton and meticulously worked by our Stefano.

The knitwear is woven by Renzo in the artisan workshop using Italian yarns. The shirts are sewn by Francesco, who has been teaching this job for years. Each carpet that the excellent Gianluca hand punch requires over ten days of work, but try to ask those who already have one if it is worth waiting a few more days.

This in Pontedera, in Italy: between saints, poets and ... artisans.


We are young, firmly convinced that it is the skill of the people who surround us every day that deserves the spotlight and for this we are used to putting our face on it: on each item purchased you will find the sticker of the big face of the person who made it. Andrea, Beatrice, Renzo, Sabrina, Simone and the others. They are Tacchettee.

Our suppliers are members of the Fair Wear foundation which works to concretely improve working conditions in the clothing sector. What does this mean?

No use of child labor
Safe working conditions
Legal employment contracts
No discrimination
As a team.


Philosophy of wearability: some like to dress tight like Toldo at Euro'00, others love the Jorge Campos baggy. In the midst of this football parallelism lies the regular fit of Tacchettee. We are lovers of the comfortable star for a fit that freely adapts to the body.

The fitting together with the material and the idea transforms a garment from Raymond Domenech into Enzo Bearzot. And no one would ever hang out with Raymond Domenech, would they? Obsessed with fit.


Let us explain: we have chosen to produce only what we sell. We do not have a large warehouse from which to fish one or the other model, but each item ordered is specifically made for those who bought it.

We choose to be, in our small , as sustainable as possible, avoiding - in our opinion - unnecessary surplus of clothing produced and relying on local realities that produce entirely in Italy. With sustainability .


Every time we aim to create things that we want to wear first and the thing that matters is to be sure that whatever you buy will not be damaged over time, will not be affected by washing, will not shrink. There are customers, who have become friends over time, who have years old tees in their collection that you would struggle to believe they are wearing.

And fantasizing we like to theorize that we have the privilege of being with you in special moments. The passage from theory to practice is witnessed daily by stories of illustrated t-shirts come to life on Instagram thanks to filters (did you know?), Group photos in sweatshirts at the stadium and at concerts, even the twins of the Unavailable at their wedding!

Set .


Tacchettee ended up in the closets not only of nostalgic football fans and footballers themselves. Even basketball players, musicians, artists of any kind have a t-shirt or a sweater. No, we don't have anyone in mind when we are designing the next release. We just find it fun to think about what the community's reaction will be.

We can do this because we are not affiliated with other brands or groups, we don't follow fashions or trends that we don't like. We are a small independent brand. Over time others have tried to copy us, when reproducing the Tacchettee illustrations, when badly plagiarizing our pizza-boxes. The Community has always supported us.

Please pay attention to sterile imitations.
We are the Tacchettee company and celebrate the Game of Football!

You are more than welcome, cheers! 🍻