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IL DIO CHE NON C'È, Contrasti magazine

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THE GOD WHO IS NOT THERE, Contrasti Magazine

Shortage. As the gods of sport fall one after the other, even the mythomaniacs are missing. Spectators able to get pathologically excited, mythologize a God who is not there, just any God. Giancarlo Dotto, an inveterate mythomaniac, reviews the mythological era that saw Maradona and Federer, Edberg and Jordan.

So we will see Carmelo Bene kneeling in front of the television after a free kick with a kiss by Platini, the anxiety of Foster Wallace for the final of the US Open which saw Federer triumph over Agassi in 2005, the same Dotto who, with a radio at transistor, listen to Paolo Valenti's commentary during the boxing match between Griffith and Benvenuti.

  • 166 pages
  • Paperback

Mythizing, transfiguring, deforming, hallucinating.