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MOVIOLA Printed T-shirt

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The VAR is slow - the Moviola is rock!

The joy of Tamagochi in the hands of the little ones, the phobic Millennium Bag in the heads of the older ones. Points of view between the old and the new millennium.

And in bars, until then they foment controversy.

There is a fight in words - sometimes with slaps - on that penalty granted to the favorite of the moment, on the non-existent offside. Mistake or bad faith? The whistle on duty is incapable when it is good, otherwise there is no doubt, at least there: cuckold or thief.

Then the world is enchanted by the voice of Amy Winehouse, Europe retires the lira and the Cup Winners' Cup, the Euganeo in Padua is the first Italian stadium to host Metallica.

And finally she comes.

The Supermoviola of the Process: a virtual reality of the broadcast of the great Aldo Biscardi, with which, thanks to a technology of military origin, it is finally possible to accurately determine the position of the players, referees and ball in relation to the football field.

Commentators can even enter the playing field and move among the players. For the first time the bar moves on TV together with the rallies on the most discussed phases of the championship. Avant-garde at the end of the millennium: VAR is slow - Moviola is rock.


Central print | Double stitching

Regular fit | Ribbed neck | Round sleeves | 100% pure organic cotton

Machine washable, delicate. Always read the label before it's too late.
(Otherwise mom will take care of it?)